1081 Reference

The 1081 is a 14-inch monitor manufactured by Philips for the European market, and similar to the 1084, with SCART and composite video connectors. The 1081 may have only been distributed in Europe.

Common Problems

A standard failure is for the monitor to "pop," then go dark. Hitting it may bring back the picture. This is often caused by cold or cracked solder joints on the flyback transformer, which resoldering should cure.


  Sync Frequency: 15.6 kHz Horizontal

  Dot Pitch: 0.39mm or 0.42 mm

  Sound Output: 1.0 W RMS/Channel at 5% maximum THD

  Input Connectors: One permanently attached HDD15 and Audio R/L

Pin-Outs (SCART Euroconnector)

   Pin 1: Unused
   Pin 2: Audio Input (0.5 Vrms/ > 10Kohms)
   Pin 3: Unused
   Pin 4: Audio Ground
   Pin 5: Blue Ground
   Pin 6: Audio Input (0.5 Vrms/ > 10Kohms)
   Pin 7: Blue Video (0.7 Vpp/ 75 ohms)
   Pin 8: Unused
   Pin 9: Green Ground
  Pin 10: Unused
  Pin 11: Green Video (0.7 Vpp/ 75 ohms)
  Pin 12: Unused
  Pin 13: Red Ground
  Pin 14: Unused
  Pin 15: Red Video (0.7 Vpp/ 75 ohms)
  Pin 16: Fast Blanking
  Pin 17: CVBS Ground
  Pin 18: Fast Blanking Ground
  Pin 19: Unused
  Pin 20: CVBS Input (1 Vpp/ 75 ohms, sync for linear RGB input)
  Pin 21: Screening Plug

Pin-Outs (Digital RGB 8-Pin DIN)

  Pin 1: Status Computer (?)
  Pin 2: Red
  Pin 3: Green
  Pin 4: Blue
  Pin 5: Intensity
  Pin 6: Ground
  Pin 7: Horizontal Sync or Composite Sync
  Pin 8: Vertical Sync