BindNames V36.19

By Dave Haynie, modified for 2.0+ by Robert Hardy

My update to Dave's venerable Bindnames. I added the new 2.0+ assign modes: Path, Add and Defer. Also added REMOVE mode, ignoring *.bak files and specifying a single file.

From original docs:

BindNames is a rather simple hack I came up with to solve the "Assign" problem. Like most folks with large hard disks containing lots of different programs, my Startup-Sequence was starting to get full of Assign statements. While that alone isn't necessarily enough to make most go out and write a program, I was starting to think of this as an inelegance. Nearly every other new program I installed onto my system needed a new set of logical names, and so for every new program I ended up having to edit my Startup-Sequence. I also had to pay attention to the ordering of Assignments, since obviously I couldn't base an assignment on one that hadn't been made yet. The end result was that the Startup Sequence was getting rather ugly, with no sign of change on the immediate horizon.

Since problems should be solved by those who see them, I came up with BindNames. BindNames is designed to do all of the logical name assignments you need at once. It looks for any number of files in the directory "SYS:Names".

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