DateBookIV V37.30

DateBook is a reminder system to help avoid the embarrassment of forgotten appointments and birthdays etc. It provides mechanisms to cycle an event by year, month and week. Events can also be cycled by week number, eg first Wednesday in each month or first Wednesday in May. You may also specify the number of days ahead and how often to remind you. There is also a mode to print just events on a specified day.

This update introduces Notes and Priority fields, an incoming rexx port, Rexx Server mode and a choice of three iconify modes.

This will be the last free version of DateBook (aside from bug fixes). DateBookV will be commercial and of course be greatly enhanced (if not re-written). Some of the planned features are: Day Timer, Task Scheduler, full font sensitivity, customized reports and queries...
Publisher's enquiries welcome :).

MemoCal Mode

Sample Reports

Record Editor

Iconfiy - Calendar

Iconify - Clock / Mem Meter


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