Age: 39 :-) My House:

Occupation: Computer Jack of all trades (Master of a surprising number) and Owner/Operator - HardKore Software.

Computer Experience:

After completing my Electronics training in 1978, I bought my first personal computer. An Ohio Scientific Industries C4P (1MHz 6502, 8K ram, 300 baud cassette. What power!). This machine got me hooked on programming (the end of my social life). Next I got a C64 and furthered my addiction.

On April 10 1986 I got my first Amiga (Love at first boot!). This machine is still in use today, I have re-dubbed it an A1500HS (HS stands for `Hardy Special' or `Hacked Severely', your choice). It has a 33Mhz 020/882, 8M 32 bit ram, Rejuvenator (Thanks Stan!), 2M chip ram, Deinterlacer, 3.1 ROM, 3.5 OS, HD floppy, 1.2G IDE HD, ATAPI CDROM, and all mounted in a full height server case.

I've been programming/consulting since 1982. My first professional programming gig was for a local Cable company. My program was genlocked over another display with horizontally scrolling advertising.

For a few of years I kept busy designing and implementing of Interactive Transactions systems, ECommerce, network appliances and thin client GUIs.

Most of my work the last few of years has concentrated on Network Administration and IT/Tech Support. My complete work history is here.

Special Computer Interests:

Programming/Design, networking (LAN, Internet...), GNU/Linux, Digital Video, hardware hacking, Digital Convergence, Commodore Computer Club/PaNorAmA.

Other Interests:

Science Fiction/Fantasy books, BritComs, Jackie Chan movies, DVDs, collecting unusual coffee mugs and funny sound bytes.

Favorite Oxymorons:

Concerned Childrens Advertisers.
Microsoft Works.

Here's a good example of what the Advertising Industry thinks of us! :

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