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PaNorAmA Video Library

Welcome to the PaNorAmA Video Library. This is our collection of Amiga product and event videos, including some general computer-related videos. Rentals are free for club members. Please contact Jeff Haack, the club's Video Librarian. Jeff says a telephone call works best for him : (604) 873-2195.

New Tapes (V.H.S.)

Lightwave 3D: Camera and Lighting

Lightwave 3D: Displacement Mapping, Morphing and Bones

Lightwave 3D: Surfaces and Textures

Lightwave 3D: Video Toaster Essentials
Three copies available.

V.H.S. Video Tapes

Bringing The Power Home
Amiga 500 Demo - 30 minutes.

New Art Of The Possible
Amiga 2000 Demo - 30 minutes.

Amiga 3000 Demo
30 minutes.

Color Printer Demo
Color Script 100 Model 10 - 10 minutes.

Computer Animation Magic
Includes shots from "The Computer Shop" show. Two copies available.

Rick Paquette: Columbia West
"The Anim Attic" show - 5 minutes.

The Global Village
Demo of Commodore Products around the world, Commodore CDTV, and NewTek's Video Toaster. The NewTek video includes LightWave 3D animations, Rod Rundgren's Music Video "Change Myself", and the Computer Chronicles TV show profile of the "Video Toaster".

Commodore Business Machines
Creativity in the Classroom.

Amiga Primer
Introductory information on the Amiga 3000, Workbench 2.0, and AmigaVision. Two copies available.

AmigaVision One on One

Video Toaster Made Easy
Step by step instructions for using NewTek's Video Toaster.

Video Toaster User: Beyond the Edge
Advanced Video Toaster techniques.

Demo of the Video Toaster from NewTek.

Computer Chronicles Shop: June 1, 1991
Video of TV show - features CDROM.

Amiga World's Animation Video: Volume 1
Two copies available.

Amiga World's Amiga Graphics
Two copies available.

Amiga World's Amigamations
Animation contest results - Two copies available.

"Computer Visions" Computer Graphics
Video of Knowledge Network TV show - 1 hour.

Morph Plus and AD-Pro Demo
Dated September 14, 1992

Morph Plus Demo, "The Power of Positive Thinking" & Art Dept demo
Dated December 10, 1992

Beyond The Minds Eye / Beyond The Edge
Two copies available.

ChromaKey + Demonstration Video (MicroSearch)

The Internet as seen on P.B.S.

Internet TV shows.
Includes "High Stakes in Cyberspace", and "P.G.P.: Pretty Good Privacy" from the TV show "Life on the Internet".

Multimedia * Times * Four (Commodore)

Jay Minor visits PaNorAmA

Perry K visits PaNorAmA

Beta Video Tapes

Computer Chronicles: Beta III Animator
Includes demo of Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000, Mido Music, Video Toaster, and Jay Minor's visit to PaNorAmA.

Video of Perry K's visit to PaNorAmA.
Includes Twin X - Balls, Sharp JX 450 demo, and Beta III Animator - 1 hour 55 minutes.

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